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We’re a team of chefs and restaurant innovators who had a dream: we wanted to create a catering company that would satisfy even the most demanding foodies. Since 2023, we’ve delighted our customers with delicious, innovative food. We pride ourselves on pleasing the most diverse and picky palates on a budget, and our customers keep coming back for more.

Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or the event of the century, we’ll make food that looks and tastes amazing. Find out how we can cater the meal or event of your dreams.

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General Manager

Max Johnson has been a vital part of The Thirsty Chariot since 2023, and lives to make our clients’ palates happy. Max Johnson is the first to open the shop and prepare ingredients, and quite frankly, we’d be lost without Max Johnson!



River Watts has been with The Thirsty Chariot since the beginning and has been voted one of the area’s best in the culinary field. There is no doubt that The Thirsty Chariot would be completely different without River Watts.

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Executive Chef

Jesse Neimus keeps our company running smoothly by overseeing our day to day operations, including managing our events. Jesse Neimus make the incredible difficult job of being our Executive Chef look easy.

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